Having been into handling water, water hydraulics, water storage, pumps, electric controls, automation, piping and valves etc. for more than 3 decades has given us a natural hold over the whole subject. That is why we are able to handle water supply and distribution very professionally.

The difference begins at the design table itself. Right selection of pumps, right sizing of piping, piping materials, type of valves, layout of piping grid / network all put together result in a highly dependable water system performaing at peak efficiency with minimum power consumption.

Simple; yet effective automation further enhances the ease of operation and long term value by virtue of zero spillage / dry run prevention / uniform distribution pressurre / change over of motors at regular intervals to avoid excessive wear and tear to individual motor / pump etc. achieved.

No less important is the emphasis on quality of equipment and material as well as the worksmanship that goes into executing the systems. Minor details, if overlooked at the execution stage, result in big problems in commissioning stage. That is where the experience and professionalism matter. In order to deliver perfect final products to our valued customers; we make sure that every aspect of the job is handled in the right way.

Water Supply systems for housings / high rise clusters / star hotels / commercial buildings / municipalities.

  • Water Storage Tanks / reservoirs
  • Pumping Stations for water, sewage, sludge handling, corrosive liquids etc.
  • Pumps of All types
  • Hydropneumatic systems
  • Plumbing Plant Rooms
  • Piping Networks
  • Specialised Pipe Trenching Customised Piping
  • Water Supply Automation / Intrumentation


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