We understand that Swimming Pools are the owners’ proud possession, long term investment, involve huge expenditure and given the multiple significance of the pools, you would like to have nothing but the best.

What we want to emphasize here is that making a swimming pool is a highly specialized job and only the genuine pool professionals can deliver the results. Also, a single specialist agency executing the pool in totality will better match various aspects of the pool and deliver much better final product than multiple agencies doing different parts.

  • Our Salient features
    • Free expert advice.Turnkey execution including all civil, mechanical, electrical works.
    • Associated with swimming pools for more than 3 decades.
    • In house designing / complete system engineering before execution.
    • Proven Expertise.
    • Scientific Approach.
    • Always abreast with the latest in the field. You can always expect ultramodern solutions from us.
    • Strict quality adherence and high standards.
    • Value for money, total reliability.
    • Wide choice of pool designs to choose from
    • Super exclusive designer pools customized as per customers’ requirement and choice.
    • Wide range of pool sizes right from small domestic pools to full olympic pools and more.
    • Wide range of equipment right from tiny cartridge filters for small pools to fully automatic self cleaning on line filters for very large pools.
    • Specialized solutions for Underwater Lighting / Pool Heating etc.
    • Unique offers of Design and Execute and Become our Associate.

We undertake :

  • Complete Design & Detailing.
  • Complete civil works
  • Complete Swimming Pool Systems including all equipment, accessories, piping, lighting, heating etc.
  • All services for repair / maintenance / pool modification, pool remaking, leakage control , pool water quality control etc.
  • Training on swimming pool operation, maintenance and water quality control.

Pool Products available with us :

  • Filtration plants in all types and sizes.
  • On line automatic self-cleaning filters.
  • Pumps of all types and capacities.
  • Hair Strainers.
  • Gas chlorinators, UV Sterilisers.
  • Inlet Nozzles, drain gratings, overflow gratings, pool ladders etc.
  • Pool Lighting / Underwater Lighting / LED Lighting / Fiber Optics
  • Pool Heating Solutions - Imported Heat Pumps, On line type / storage type electrical heaters, electric, gas and oil type hot water generators, Solar heaters, temperature sensors and controllers, Pool covers.
  • Pool Cleaning Equipment - Indian and imported manual vacuum cleaners, suction sweepers, Automatic pool cleaners, vacuum heads, float hose, telescopic handles, pool brushes, leaf nets.
  • Pool Chemicals - TCCA, flocculants, chlorination chemicals, hypo, pH balancing chemicals, antiscalants. o Pool water quality control - Test kits for measurement of pH / free chlorine and other pool water quality parameters.
  • Pool Sports Equipment - Lane markers, Lane ropes and floats, starting blocks, Diving boards, Referee chairs. o Pool Safety Gear - Shepherd hooks, Buoys, safety ropes.
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