Born out of three decades of practical on ground experience,DESIGN AND EXECUTE is a unique project execution concept introduced for the first time in India by AQUAPROCESS to bring complete professionalism , highest degree of expertise, transparency and economy to your projects.

We offer DESIGN AND EXECUTE services in the fields of swimming pools, water bodies, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, pumping stations and water supply systems.

Under DESIGN AND EXECUTE offer; we start off from studying basic requirement, doing primary design, sizing the works exactly according to client's requirements, then proceed on to detailed designing including the process design, all civil, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, instrumentation , automation, control etc. and prepare detailed shop drawings for the complete works. Based on shop drawings approved by the clients, we provide a detailed and exhaustive list of entire material required for the project and once the material is procured and reached to site by the clients, we undertake complete installation and commissioning of the same. We also undertake pre delivery inspection of goods if required by the clients or considered necessary by us. We charge a certain percentage of total landed material cost for these services.

DESIGN AND EXECUTE ensures numerous benefits to the clients.
  • Substantial cost reduction.
  • Quality control in your own hands.
  • Complete peace of mind.
  • The project execution and the cash flow schedule perfectly aligned to your planned project schedule.
  • High degree of expertise and professionalism ensured as experts with practical grass root level experience handle the job right from the concept stage up to the commissioning stage.
  • No discrepancies between the design part and the execution part.
  • Stringent control on costs , quality, specifications etc. as the material is purchased by the clients directly from the source. Even the preference of makes etc. can be changed up to the time of actual purchase.
  • We take direct responsibility of performance of the whole system which no consultant does. General consultants and PMCs in most likelihood do little value addition by way of expertise etc. and also do not take direct responsibility which is bestowed upon the contractor.
  • Stringent control on cash outflow as we prepare a bar chart for completion right in the beginning and keep the purchase of major equipment ( which is bulk of the cost ) as near as possible to the commissioning date. By our working being shop drawings oriented; entire engineering is done before hand and the entire installation is kept ready before the arrival of main equipment so that the only activity required is place, connect and start. This is unlike the common practice in projects where costly equipment lies at site for months or even years just because it is required or can be installed much later only thereby implicating huge funds much before they are actually required.Equipment is procured only at a time when it is actually required.
  • No time consuming follow ups and co-ordination among consultant – PMC – owners etc. required because of a single window service offered by us.

Thus, whether you are a project owner or a contractor having undertaken a project in any of the above fields, AQUAPROCESS is your surest bet to the most economical, highest quality and the time bound execution.