Being into turnkey projects, at multiple locations, we obviously have huge scope for sub contractors.

In case, you have the relevant expertise and the leadership qualities it takes to deliver results by team work, can organise a complete working team yourself, take on single point responsibility for a particular job, have enough T & P and other infrastructure and last but not the least, you want to be your own boss, besides having all the qualities that AQUAPROCESS looks for; then you are a right candidate to be our sub contractor.
Preference is given to technically qualified persons / entities with technically qualified staff.

We appoint sub contractors in following categories:

  • Turnkey erection and commissioning contractors in all fields of our activity.
  • Civil contractors on turnkey basis, for part jobs, for specialised jobs, with material basis / labour rate basis.
  • Specialist contractors for Shuttering, scaffolding, steel laying, Concrete works, Pipe Trenching, tiling, water proofing, stone work, deck work, wood work etc.
  • Plumbing / Piping contractors.
  • Heavy Erection contractors
  • Site fabricators
  • Electrical contractors with added function of instrumentation, control and automation.

Pre - qualifying conditions for sub contractors:

In depth knowledge and experience in the field in which contracts are being sought.
Minimum five years track record of satisfactory and timely completion of jobs undertaken.
Sound organisational capabilities and sufficient work force.
Ample T & P as required for the job.
Readiness to work at any location, particularly remote locations, anywhere in India.
Financially strong commensurate with the size of contract sought.

Interested parties please apply giving full details via email to

Sub Contractors Invited

General Contractors / Specialists