For contractors tendering for the complete projects e.g. for a complete housing project, or a hospital, or university etc. with the swimming pools, some water bodies, water treatment, sewage treatment, water supply included in the tender OR for the contractors not into this line of business but wanting to enter; we have THE ASSOCIATE arrangement.

Under this arrangement; all our experience, expertise and resources technical and other; are at the disposal of the ASSOCIATE and we render complete assistance in handling the project in most professional and profitable manner.

Salient features of our services rendered to ASSOCIATES are as under.
  • As soon as the tender / the enquiry arrives; we study the tender thoroughly, understand the requirements, take up the technical clarifications required with the customers / consultants and work out the complete tender and provide detailed and accurate costing, detailed specifications of the equipment involved, makes as worked out with the customers / consultants, to the ASSOCIATE based on which the ASSOCIATE can quote according to his own pricing policy.
  • We participate in all technical deliberations during the evaluation process by the customers and assist the ASSOCIATE as required in this stage.
  • Upon receipt of award; we do all the detailed engineering, prepare technical submittals, shop drawings etc. and take approval from the customers / consultants.
  • We provide the ASSOCIATE a complete break up list of material required for the project; along with the names of leading / prominent suppliers, provide a time chart for purchases so as to minimize the inventory investment. The ASSOCIATE purchases all equipment directly from manufacturers. For, customized components; we provide fabrication details and list of fabricators.
  • We inspect every material / component before actual purchase / dispatch for the ASSOCIATE.
  • Once the equipment reaches site, we do all the construction / erection / installation and do the commissioning and hand over to the customer.

This arrangement has the following major benefits for the ASSOCIATE.
  • In spite of not being a specialist in the said fields, the ASSOCIATE can actually enter the sunshine industry segments of Sewage Treatment, Water Treatment and lucrative segment of Swimming Pools like masters and can look at safe and handsome returns on investment as the experience and the expertise hold the key to profitability.
  • Our vast resources and data bank instantly becoming available to the ASSOCIATE.
  • No need to deal with multiple specialized agencies for getting best rates / technical information / advice / technical support etc.
  • No subcontractors and hence no follow ups or co-ordination required.
  • No need to maintain highly paid specialized technical staff, management personnel, heavy infrastructure etc. It is like our professional team shouldering your responsibility.
  • The ASSOCIATE can be fully assured of performance on the basis of our experience.
  • The ASSOCIATE can book and handle projects in any part of India while sitting in any part of India.
  • The ASSOCIATE enjoys complete control on costs as the purchases are made by HIM directly from the market / original manufacturer, thereby completely cutting middlemen margins.
  • All aspects viz. process, civil ,mechanical, electrical, plumbing, specialized equipment, instrumentation, automation etc. taken care of by us, truly delivering SINGLE WINDOW SERVICE.

Contact us now for becoming our ASSOCIATE.

*Accepting or not accepting any ASSOCIATE request or any project offered for ASSOCIATE arrangement; shall be entirely our discretion.