About Us

Our USP is that we offer a high degree of professionalism. We are a complete engineering company unlike most others in the field. We have design and development capabilities, manufacturing and procurement resource and expert execution capabilities. Inspection and test of the equipment / material / works at every step is simply our way of working. Quality is natural attribute of our works / solutions offered by us. We keep pace with the latest developments in the field. We neither imitate nor generalize or offer adjusted / non technical / make do solutions. Besides this, our huge experience ( more than 3 decades ) and in depth understanding of water, construction features and requirements, all functions w.r.t. the water quality, hydraulics, materials, operational parameters, electrical and thermal parameters etc. allows us to handle each requirement on individual merits and offer customized solutions that are high on performance, reliability and longevity.

As a natural corollary; we are more relevant in important / prestigious / large projects where half baked solutions / guess work will simply not work. This is again reflected in the fact that our Consultancy Operations form a major part of our business. Again, to be able to give our valued customers combined benefits of our consultancy and execution capabilities; we felt the need, introduced and found high acceptance of our DESIGN & EXECUTE concept.

Other contractors; who are in their own respective fields and either want to get into or already have jobs of our field of activity but do not have the required technical / execution resources, can associate with us under our ASSOCIATES arrangement.